Meet the Bells

We’re too sexy self-conscious for this blog

Along time ago, we (we’re twin sisters) used to write a music column, and we haven’t thought about it lately at all....

Well, that’s not entirely true. We do think back on it pretty often. For as long as we can remember, we’ve wanted to write a music blog.  As we said, a long time ago, we used to write a column about mainstream and local artists.

But we couldn’t make a living doing it, or only a part-time living, anyway, so we took other writing and editing jobs, then only other writing and editing jobs, getting further and further away from our first love, as life led us in very different writing directions. At some point, after years of school that amounted to doctorates and dissertations on team dynamics within mainstream bands and the success of independent record stores amid the vinyl resurgence, we stopped writing about music at all.

We were never sold on social media and having every little thing we did broadcasted like it was magic, so we would mostly post photos and rely on emojis to share very limited stories and parts of ourselves. Though we have often thought of returning to music writing, we have been too self-conscious to share our thoughts on our favorite bands and new discoveries in the music world in our share everything, “Miracle Pill” culture, and, maybe, too stingy with our free time (we were in school a very long time, after all). Lately, we’ve been thinking that we should overcome those self-conscious thoughts, though (most things we worry about never happen anyway), and just start writing again, especially since there’s still so much to be said (and written).

We missed our chance to write eulogies for Prince, Tom Petty, and David Bowie, who have all sadly passed on to musical heaven over the last few years, but we hope that we won’t let ourselves miss out on future chances to voice our opinions and honor our lifelong heroes.

This is our blog

We know that music journalism has a pretty bad reputation nowadays. But, we’ve always just tried to express our brutally honest opinions about the music we’ve grown to love so much, in Cameron Crowe/Lester Bangs fashion.

That being said, please note that we often don’t take ourselves seriously, and that this is fun (and an exercise in pure musical love) for us. The opinions expressed in this blog are just that, opinions. We all deserve to have a voice, and this is ours (yes, we share one most of the time, we are twins after all).

P.S. This blog is also about our lives. Rock ‘n’ roll has always been a big part of our lives, and we like to think that our love is also reflected in our fashion and interior decorating styles. So, we may post about fashion (Jessica has a bad habit of filling-up a Forever 21 cart every night with her favorite new arrivals, laughing at the total cost, and then closing out the website without buying anything. She is guilty of buying a lot, though. Are we too old to shop at Forever 21?), decorating, our husbands, Kady’s cutie baby girl, Johnnie, and the list can go on and on.

So, here we are, just another set of twins with a blog. Welcome to our world.

P.S.S. If you’re a musician or a band, and you would like us to wear your band shirt (and write about your music), then please send both our way (or at least let us know where to find your music).

We can be reached at